Sunday, October 17, 2010

Three Days and Counting

I'm really new at this thing but here goes. I'm going to be PCSing to England in three days. My kids are going with me and my husband will be joining us later. I've been staying back and forth between my parents and his parents house since the 4th of October. In the short time we have been houseguests we have made at least 6 to 7 trips to Lawton, 2 to Anadarko, and 2 to Altus. We have been enjoying our time here and have helped throw a baby shower for one of my cousins and his wife, had two different dinners with family (we have a lot of people and coordinating something takes alot) so I've had awesome Dad burgers out on the grill, and tonight we feasted at Olive Garden (my fav place), and today we also too family pics with my three brothers, their wives and kids, and my youngest brothers girlfriend who is totally awesome by the way!!! We have mailed at least five boxes to our temp address in England one containing the kid's halloween costumes. I'm so excited, scared, and nervous all at the same time. Paige (my oldest) is fearless. I personnally think that reality hasn't hit just yet for her that we will be far far far far away from her cousins, and grandparents. There have been a few moments over the last couple weeks where I have felt like a horrible mother for taking my kids so far away from our families here. I keep telling myself that this is a chance of a lifetime for us and it will be great for all of us. Here's to meeting new friends, tasting new foods, and traveling to new places.

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  1. You are going to enjoy your time in England! There are so many places to see that I am sure you will be finding new things to do all of the time and the time will go fast. I am looking forward to reading all about you amazing adventures on here!

    It hasn't really hit me that we are leaving Okinawa TOMORROW. We are spending a couple days in Tokyo on the way back. I am sad we won't get to see you before you leave but if we weren't stopping in Tokyo we would have had to wait until next Saturday to leave so we would have still missed you and gotten back later. And we have you beat - we mailed SIX boxes to my parents (plus I have ordered a couple things so I should be getting about 8 packages about the time we get back! lol) We could have sent more today if we had waited but we will get reimbursed for everything we sent Friday so we just gathered stuff up quick :-)