Friday, October 22, 2010

All In One Crazy Day

Our morning of the 20th started out at 0700. Got up, got a shower, got kids ready, repacked stuff, and got out to the car at 0821. We stopped at IHOP and had a wonderful breakfast with Daddy one last time. It was great. Left there about 0930 off to the storage building to put the bike in storage 0945 left there off to the City. We made it to the airport parking lot at exactly 1100, we had to park on the very top row, so down we went to the terminals then up to the ticketing area where we were greeted by Mom, Matt, Papa Bill, and Shana and her kiddos. I didn't get to visit long :( had to get the bags checked and get our tickets. I think I had already started sweating by then. Lots of pictures and lots of hugs, they let Doug go back with us, thank goodness. Security was quite a line but we traveled very quickly. I started crying when mom hugged me for the last time. There is somsthing about know that you won't see your mom for awhile or for that matter anyone else standing in that airport with you. It hit me really bad, I wanted so bad to hold it together for my kids. I was really happy mom kinda followed us around each corner of security until we had to hand over the boarding passes. Paige thought it was kinda crazy she had to take off her shoes and questioned the security lady about, thankfully she was very kind to a quizitive 5yr old. We made it to the gate which was all the way at the end. Lots of walking right at the beginning. Changed a diaper and made a decision to leave Clay Riley's car seat behind for mom to mail. Still was pretty weighed down as we boarded our tiny airplane. Looking back at Doug was the hardest thing and knowing he was breaking down same as me. Paige had noticed my tears and it finally hit her that Daddy was not coming she started crying. Not as much as I thought she would, but enough to break my heart. I held her hand as we took off. She loved it from then on looking out the window, trying out the bathroom for the first time ever. Me struggling to keep a 1yr old in a seatbelt was not fun. When we landed in Chicago, it was a relief to have a wheelchair waiting to take us to the next gate, again all the way at the other end. The lady actually pushed the wheelchair and rolled my carry-on behind. I'm still sweating moving Clay Riley from one hip to the other this was the only time I wished I had brought his stroller. Sitting and waiting for the plane was a task. I had a little boy that wanted to explore and a 5yr old that was thristy and hunger. We solved the hungry by openning up some fruit snacks I had packed and some chips from Shana. I gathered up everything to make what seemed like the longest 150ft to the food court to get a drink. Finally called Doug and Mom to tell them we were in Chicago. Boarded our flight to London at 1710 (5:10pm). I was quite the expert by now just wheeling my kids and carry-on down the aisle hoping that all toes, arms and legs were not in the way cause I was not stopping. We got to our sits towards the back thankful for a bigger plane. Paige had an empty seat next to her and a very kind young lady a seat over that proved to be a big help for this tired momma. Clay Riley fell asleep soon after take off. The served us dinner, drinks about 4 times, and a crossiant for breakfast. Paige and I watched Toy Story 3 on our little TVs in the headrests in front of us. Later she watched Disny Cahnnel for a while until around 2200 (10pm) when she finally sacked out. Clay Riley woke up for about two houra at some point not too happy but got him back to sleep then tried to get some rest myself. (that didn't happen every well). We landed in London at 0650 England time about 1250pm our time. We got off the plane and just followed the crowd. I think my body was dripping in sweat when we finally made it to customs. We were lucky and got pushed through customs rather quickly (the joy of having to small children, people feel sorry for you). Then we were off to collect our bags. I was running on pure adrenaline (mis-spelled but don't care) by that time. Loaded down with 4 bags, 3 heavy carry-ons, and 2 beautifully rested children I started to make my way up to the pick-up line. A very kind gentleman that worked for the airport stopped me and told me to wait that  he was calling for help. Bless those wonderful people that could see I was starting to come apart at the seams. We were rescued by a man orginally from Afghanistan. He was very nice and kind assisting us all the way to the "meeting spot". Where there were several people holding signs, however none of them had my name on them. I was too tired to care at the momented, needed a restroom, and something to eat and drink for my squirmy children. To get that accomplished I had to wheel out cart with luggage everywhere. Got a donut and drink for my kids, went to the information desk twice to have them call for my ride. Blahhh!!! I didn;t even know what time it was. Just when I was about to burst (although I think I already had and was comforted by a 5yr old telling me everything was going to be okay) into tears I heard my name and was greeted by an Army guy going to the same place and waiting on the same driver as me with his family. We connected and sat with his family and chatted forever (it felt like that long). I finally got to go to the bathroom and change Clay Riley standing up cause there was no place to lay the poor kid down. Waiting waiting and more waiting probably close to 2 and a half ours late our driver shows thanks to Chris (the Army guy). We enjoyed a chat with a very English lady about her little boy turning one. She took a fancy to Clay Riley and by the time we left he waved "bye bye." We loaded everything onto a small trailer attached to a van (the driver called it a bus it was a van), surprisingly enough bags for 7 people fit perfect. Then we were off and I mean off like a rocket cause apparently that is how they drive here like their back-end of their cars are on fire. We went down a corkscrew out of the airport parkin at I would say 45mph. Oh yeah, I told Paige we were on a roller coaster and to hold up her hands. She thought it was great fun where I was afraid we might not make it to the base. We arrived to the base at 10something. I couldn't even tell you quite how we made it in one piece. Unfortanately the celebrating came to a hault when we discovered we had lost an important piece of luggage. Paige's carry-on was missing which just so happened  to contain  our passports. I was actually starting to question myself about if we had packed it on the trailer when Erica ( the Army guy's wife) came out saying they were missing a bag that contained their laptop, birth certificates, marriage cert, his orders and othe important info. So we both think our bags are somewhere in between here and London on the side of the road. We are all hoping that they fell out close to the airport and someone (God bless them whoever they maybe) well turn them in. Finally met my sponsor and  got settled into a very nice room still upset but upset and comfortable. Got ahold of Mom and Doug later on. We are doing okay. Went to sleep at1500 and woke up at 2300 kids too. Called Daddy and talked for a long time. Went back to sleep and just woke up and about to start a new day. It can only get better.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for taking the time to get it all
    Written down. I'm glad y'all made it all safe and