Thursday, October 28, 2010

First Day Of School

Paige had her first day at school. She had an amazing time. We made a short video hopefully it will download. Took some pics. Tomorrow is costume day at school she is super excited. She was really nervous, but seems to be making new friends. Clay Riley starts CDC Monday. YAY!!!!! The house hunting begins Monday as well. Hope to here back from a lady today on my favorite will post pics when I have 'em. Going to try and get a car soon. After school we went to get the kids flu shots (Paige got the mist and Clay Riley a shot).They both did really well then off to our fav place Subway!!! We took some pics at the phone booth in front very London!!!


  1. Paige looks happy! She's really an amazing little girl on the adventure of a life time. I hope you get to see a lot of new and wonderful places and make a lot of memories. But, you will be missed!

  2. Papa Bill is so glad to be able to keep up with my Family in UK!! So proud of you Miss Paige staying up with Mommy & making friends at school. England still looks familiar. Rain and all!! All my little ones knew Paige & Clay Riley were having fun in England. They saw I had trick or treat goodies for Paige & Clay Riley. Let me know how I can get things to you. Address, text message, phone, paypal??