Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

We've been here for a short time and have gotten a lot accomplished. Paige starts school tomorrow and Clay Riley will start daycare on Monday. We have been walking all over the place and today was the worst because it was raining. Paige has been amazing she just follows me all over. We had to replace her umberella and get one for me and bub. We went shopping for school supplies and found pretty much everything. Going to try and get a car next week and then off to find us a house. Hopefully a 4 bedroom, but a 3 will be fine. The kids have been adjusting fairly well we've played out on the playground almost everyday. The rain here is more like sprinkling, but the wind will blow you away. I wonder at times if I'm still in Oklahoma. I haven't been able to sleep very well and the Advil PM is not helping. Any suggestions? I can't get the video that we made posted so we may have to make a new shorter one. All of the boxes I  mailed to myself made it in good condition and just in time. The kids halloween costumes are in there we just had to get candy carriers. All is well if the rain would just go away!!!


  1. Sami,
    Sounds like you have been a busy momma! Just wanted to say that I am glad that you made it sage and sound with the kiddos. Keep the blogs coming! I can't imagine just me and Brooklynne traveling and here you are with two! Kuddos to you!! :)

    Can't wait to see when Doug will be joining you and your family is complete there! Hope all is well and keep your head up!

    Jamie Herrin

  2. Tell Paige we're all proud of her for being a such a good helper! She's an amazing little girl.

    And - enjoy your adventure. Life will get eaier once you settle into a routine.