Wednesday, November 17, 2010


It has been awhile since I've had a chance to let everyone know what we are doing. We officially moved into our house this last weekend, but don't have our household goods yet so we can't get the cable, internet, and phone hooked up at home. I've been in class since the beginning of this week and can't get on facebook even to say hi. Paige is doing great at school and will be in a Thanksgiving play next week she will be playing the part of the winter season with one other girl from her class. We have been using the library on base a lot mainly for movies, but alot of books too. We have ventured out from our house a little and found McDonalds. It is definately a little different than what we are use to back in the States but the taste is the same. I took a pic of Paige and her happy meal. They have free tickets to see Alpha and Omega so we will probably go this weekend since the movie theater is just around the corner along with a KFC, Blockbuster, and Staples. We will go see Megamind here on the base soon though. Clay Riley is adjusting well. He still fusses when I drop him off in the morning, but is fine after I leave. He has a cold right now and his nose is constantly running. He keeps me busy. Another thing about Paige she is learning Spanish in Kindergarten. I was quite impressed that they start teaching them another lanuage at such an early age. Clay Riley will more than likely be the one to develop the British accent a lot in part to the fact that several of his teachers at the CDC are British. I can wait until he starts talking more. Me I'm doing okay miss my hubby, family and friends very much ya'll are on my mind a lot especially this month. We will be going with the church group to London on Thanksgiving to one of the cathedrals. I'm super excited to see London. My overall assessment of England: Don't like the weather but can get over that, love just driving and peeking out the window at all the sights. Patty as a fellow photographer you would love it here the entire place is just waiting to be photographed. Shana you would love Tesco or rather Skylie would love it they have awesome cute girl clothes. Well I gotta go pick up the kids will write when I can.


  1. It's so good to hear from you!

    And yes - I would love it there. At least I'd love being there long enough to take LOTS of pictures. Maybe we'll get a chance to visit before you come back to the US. Who knows?

    And I'm always glad to hear how the kids are doing. Paige just amazes me. She is so grown up for a little girl. I can't wait to hear about her little play!

    And I updated my blog today with Gracie pictures! :-)

  2. Love keeping up with my Family in Jolly Ole England! The countryside looks very familiar, but the "flats" have sure improved. The "walkups" even more. The shops and apothecaries seem to have been replaced with Staples, Tesco and the like! Thanks!