Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our New Home!!!

We found a house. It is awesome. The entire place is wonderful. The landlord and his wife seem really nice too. The gardening is included in the rent which means no mowing or trimming hedges for me. It has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. The neighbeorhood is really nice as well. We have our own private drive and only have to share it with two other houses. Me and paige went and looked it over again today while the painter was there. She is so excited her room is painted purple, her favorite color. We haven't ventured out too much yet however we found out (cause a certain little girl couldn't hold it) that we are about a mile away from the UK's version of Walmart but better (It has an escalator in it). It is also close to a movie theater and McDonalds. Paige is thrilled. We are going to start attending church here on the base and are already scheduled to go with them to London to St Pauls cathedral on Thanksgiving. It is going to be great. I made a friend who wants to go with us to Legoland when we decide to go. We have a train station close by that you can ride into London about an hour ride into London and they do the big bus tour for like $50 for all three of us just for the bus ride not sure about the train ride. Things are really starting to come together. No such luck on the passports, but am in the process of starting over to get new ones. That may mean we won't get to come home for Christmas, but you never know. I think we are going to like it here even more once Doug gets here. Well I took some pics of the house hope you all like. Start getting those passports ready we want lots of visitors.


  1. Wow!! I'm excited and glad for you & family.

  2. Cool house! And it will be really nice not having to do any yardwork. That's a big, BIG plus for a busy Mom with two little ones. I'm glad things are coming together and I really appreciate you keeping us updated on the blog. I love Paige's little videos. Give her and Clay Riley hugs from me and tell them "hi" from Grace. (She's reading the blog with me and says Paige is pretty)