Saturday, November 6, 2010

Catching Up With An Old Friend

Today we went to Mildenhall to see a friend practically an auntie to my kids. Leea was my supervisor at Altus and has been around to watch both of my kids. Paige adores her. We went to her house and then off to a bazaar on the base she is at. It  was awesome a little pricey, but well worth it. Leea treated us to a lot. Paige has developed a lot more courage. She tried the bungee attached to a trampoline. I took pics. She wanted to do it again. WOW!! She has grown leaps and bounds. I'm becoming quite good at making it from point A to point B. Leea got Paige a beautiful fairy dress and Toy Story 3 for both of the kids. She is watching as I type. I can't wait to have visitors it was really nice to see a familiar face today and have a great time with the kids. I think I'm going to like this place!!!


  1. WoW! Paige is flying! It looks like fun but it looks a little scary, too. I admire her bravery. And I'm glad you have a friend over there that feels like family! Knowing you're not completely alone has to be a big comfort.

  2. Mildenhall is familiar to Papa Bill too! Paige, you are awesome! I can't wait to come see you and meet some of your old/new friends.