Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So Many New Things

So we seem to have started the new year off pretty well. This month has been so crazy for me at work. Finally getting my products posted, and still going to crazy uneccessary classes. My EPR is due this month, I test for Tech on the 7th of Febuary, haven't had a free minute to study, trying to file my TMO claim online, trying to get all of my tax stuff together so I can do taxes soon, sick kid (Clay Riley), attempting  to get Doug here but getting blocked at every turn, and did I mention I'm going to Africa soon. Paige joined girl scouts. She had her first meeting and enjoyed it. She already earned her first badge. We start selling cookie next month. Let me know what you want I can ship it. Paige has also had another play at school. This one was pretty cool. She was old mother Hubbard. It all starts with the queen of hearts making the tarts ect... and now she asking all the other nursery rythmes if they have seen the knave. Sorry about my poor spelling. It was really cute I  almost missed it because of a wreck on the A14 where a lorry (18 wheeler) collided with a tanker (carrying ethanol). I was 10min late and felt like the worst parent ever. She also got awards for the second quarter. One for knowing all her 30 star words the other for reading at level 4D. They expect by the end of Kindergarden for them to be reading at least a 3C level. Not sure what all that means just glad she is exceding the expectations. We have another party thing tomorrow at her school a family event and I'm still up waiting for the last of the cookies to finish. Clay Riley is amazing me more and more everyday. He is talking a lot more and knows how to say "eat" and "more" using sign language, they teach him that at daycare. He has been my sicky. Pink eye on Sunday, bad poops and vomitting on Tuesday. I was suppose to be in a class, but baby comes first. The latest in my life has been the disappointment with Doug's visa. UPS delivered to the wrong office, theb even after that office directed them to the right place they put that the office refused the package and sent it back to the embassy. Still not quite over it. We finally got our internet after a month and a half. Everything here is on slow mode when it comes to that kind of stuff. Okay so here is my list of  things you might wat to know before traveling here. 1. you drive on the left hand side of the road, it came pretty natural for me maybe because I'm left handed. 2. Tom Tom is a must I could make it anywhere without it. 3. The way they talk at first will be cute and different then you will totally hate it cause you can't understand them and therefore can't have a conversation with anyone without say "what" every other word. 4. No AC in the summer. They only have heat. 5. The weather (rainy, sunny, rainy, cloudy, rainy, cold, windy, rainy, cold, snowing, and did I mention rainy. 6. You will want to pull over in your car at times to try and take pictures of all the historical beauty. Don't. 7. Roundabout (enough said) you either make it through to your exit or go around til you get it right. 8. US money is crap here. $1 is .62 pence. That is all for now. I'm very excited about going to Africa. Nah nah nah at Matthew. LOL!!! It is going to be a wonderful adventure for me and I'll definately go more than once. Well the cookies are done so I'm going to bed. 11:32pm.


  1. I hope everything works out with Doug's VISA. And they drive on the wrong side of the road and are difficult to understand in Japan, too... so that part I'm somewhat familar with. And... could you WALK a lot and take pictures? I think I'd have to park my car and take a lot of long walks to capture some of that history.

    Enjoy your adventure. I'd love to go to Africa!

  2. The pictures are so cute! Tell Paige I think she's the prettiest girl at her school. I bet she's the smartest, too! And do the kids get to go to Africa?

  3. This is the first time I noticed how much Paige looks like you did at that age! My right eye is still a problem seeing. There has never been any pain associated with it. It is frustrating to be one-eyed. So sorry for little Clay Riley. Can you tell us where in Africa. That's a might BIG place.

  4. Wow! Nice long blog. I sure wish I could have
    Been at the program. It looks cute and paige
    Has grow so much. In that one pic she looks like
    An American girl doll. So sorry clay Riley has
    Been sick. Hope he's better VERY VERY soon.
    I Just now saw your blog. Thank you so much
    For blogging. I know it's hard to squeeze it in.
    Hope the visa resolves SOON!

  5. Patty- the kids don't get to go to Africa. :( Thanks for the comments.
    Papa Bill- I'll be in South Africa very excited